Lanas cake smash, West Des Moines Photographer

Lana’s Cake Smash

West Des Moines Photographer

When sweet Lana’s mom contacted me about shooting Lana’s cake smash and what theme she had in mind, I was stoked. Anyone that has been to the studio knows I love white and simple set-ups. Lana’s mom was perfect with wanting just white with floral hoops like she had seen on pinterest. I did learn a few things. One being making floral hoops is not as easy as pinterest makes it out to be. The second being Lana has no interest what so ever in cake. In fact she love the flowers and cake topper more then anything. Even with not wanting anything to do with the actual cake smash she delivered. Lana is a total doll and you can’t help but fall in love with her personally.

West Des Moines Photographer
West Des Moines Photographer
West Des Moines Photographer
West Des Moines Photographer
West Des Moines Photographer
West Des Moines Photographer
West Des Moines Photographer
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West Des Moines Photographer
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Des Moines Newborn Photographer_0232.jpg

White Cake stand: Target Dollar Spot
Curved stool: Chicaboo
Small stool: Chicaboo
Sheep Skin in Mulberry: Luneberry
Floral hoops: Homemade with supplies from Michael’s
Lace Onesie and headband: Moms brought in

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